Government Funding

Government funding is available for all 3 and 4 year olds the term after they turn 3.  The funding enables the children to access 15 hours of funded sessions per week which equates to 5 sessions each week (subject to availability).

Your child’s eligibility for funding would commence in the funding period after they turn 3.  Funding periods commence on 1st September, 1st January and 1st April.  So if your child was born 1st April-31st August, your child would be eligible for funding from 1st September following their 3rd Birthday, if your child was born 1st September-31st December, they would be eligible for funding from 1st January following their 3rd Birthday and if your child was born 1st January-31st March, they would be eligible for funding from 1st April following their 3rd Birthday.

Once your child becomes eligible for the 3/4 year old funding, you do not need to claim this funding yourself.  The setting will ask you to complete the ‘parent declaration’ form and we will arrange the funding for you.

It is important that if your child is accessing the government funding, that regular attendance is maintained.  The county council may withdraw funding for any child with irregular or erratic attendance and you would then be liable for the full cost of the sessions.

2 year old funding

Some children are entitled to receive 2 year old funding subject to an eligibility criteria.  The Pre-School are able to accept children (subject to availability) who have been awarded 2 year old funding,  To see if your child is eligible, please see the eligibility criteria on the West Sussex County Council website where you are also able to apply for the funding online

Pre-School Fees

Squirrels Pre-School is a sessional Pre-School and therefore any additional fees are charged by the session.  If your child is in receipt of government funding, then they will receive their 15 hours funding hours at not cost to you, however, if you wanted your child to attend more than their 15 funded hours or your child is not yet funded then the following fees would apply:

The sessions available are morning, afternoon or whole day.

Morning 0915 to 1215 £14.55

Afternoon 1215 to 1530 £15.75

Whole day 0915 to 1530 £30.31

If your child is unwell, on holiday or unable to attend for any reason, the Pre-School fees are still payable.  If your child’s absence is likely to long-term, please speak to the Pre-School lead supervisor.